News And Announcements

Grand re-launch Mar 03, 2021

We are open again after 4 years of maintenance.
It was long time since we asked members to withdraw balances and close the account.
Now all accounts are erased. We will start again with new updates, rewards, and as usual instant payouts.
We paid out previously up to 1 million payments worth up to 75 btc. We will have new payout system to keep budget run for long time. We already have enough balance to cover any loses when we have no advertisers, our budget is split into 580k USDT and 640k USDC which worth 1.2 m USD and it is enough to keep on site for years without advertisers.
However, we will keep rules as before, one account only allowed per IP, captcha could be required to prevent bots. payout ratio will be adjusted to be higher /better when Bitcoin price fall, and to lower when Bitcoin price rise.
If you're new or old to DonaldCoin family, we hope enjoy earning while you spend your time with DonaldCoin family. We will grow again and be bigger with you!

500 K Payments Already Paid! Mar 15, 2016

Today we hit 500 000 for number of payouts which sent to our family members on DonaldCoin. that was equal to 25 btc (about $10,000) total paid till now.

Thanks everyone for the trust you give to DonaldCoin, we believe that DonaldCoin worth nothing without your and other members support. and we're doing our best to stay one the same quality fun and income we deliver to you and other family.

Thanks again for your support, hope you have a great day!

Its time to attack Beagle Boys center! Feb 23, 2016

Beagle boys has their own generator and Donald with friends now are able to attack Beagle center. Its time to win some extra satoshi Beagle generator!

Happy New Year 2016 Jan 01, 2016

We hope Happy New Year for everyone!
the few months of 2015 was great for DonaldCoin to be one of the most active bitcoin sites in the community. and hope 2016 be a good year for all members.

We are preparing something good will be ready on 2016, it's a 3D PC Game from which can be connected to your DonaldCoin account and increase your satoshi by playing our new real Game.
This will takes some time for sure, specially for levels building, setting up game engine, and doing tests,..etc
however, we hope this will be ready before May 2016.
Keep your eyes on DonaldCoin and win some bitcoins while having fun!
Thanks everyone for your support, and have a Happy Happy new year!

Security Updated! Nov 30, 2015

Now DonaldCoin security updated. We want to give special thanks for team for the Great support they give to us. We advice other sites owners to check their sites with wwwAnalysis team hopefully they will get same awesome support.

Thanks everyone for supporting DonaldCoin.

You might be attacked by Beagle Boys ! Nov 30, 2015

As most members notice, and while Donald was sleeping, Beagle Boys was around and attacked some members here.
Maybe you lost some satoshi or coins because of this attack.
the little three Sons restored all lost information and kicked out Beagle Boys.

Donald understand that Beagle Boys may come back again, so he is going to update his building security, and his smart friends and sons promising to help.

Thanks for using DonaldCoin and hope this attack not happens again.

Grand Opening! Sep 05, 2015

Now DonaldCoin is 1 Month Old, delivered over 2 BTC paid out to members within up to 45,000 Payouts instantly. Now we are adding 2 G.B to our server RAM to be now 4 G.B for handling more active members. Thanks for being a member on DonaldCoin family. We are growing up because of you! We hope you enjoy your stay!